As a private person you can visit us in two ways: exclusively in your own group with your own course and guide, or with other people in one of our open groups.

Closed groups (svenska)

Closed groups have their own course and their own guide. This is perfect for a group of friends or other groups who wish to have a more exclusive experience. We will help you to find a suitable time when you can come, just send us a booking request with your desired date and which course you want to do (more info about the courses below). Count on 1,5 – 2 hours for the activity.

Price high rope course 1,5 – 2 hours

1-6 people 3 000 SEK
7-10 people 5 000 SEK
11-15 people 7 000 SEK
16-20 people 9 000 SEK (two courses)

Price Zipline 1 – 1,5 hours
1-6 people 2 500 SEK
7-10 people 3 000 SEK
11-15 people 3 500 SEK

If you want to add a zipline to the high rope course, add 2 000 SEK  to the course price and an extra 30-60 minutes.

Wood fired sauna
Your own sauna, by Lake Sandasjön!
2 000 SEK when you book it with one of our activities. 2 hours.

Send booking request (form in Swedish)

Open groups (svenska)

On our open groups you will join a group with other people. These groups are offered on Sundays and on public/school holidays. We keep a safe distance from each other, one person at the time will start after a common safety briefing. One of our instructors is there all the time to monitor the safety. Choose the lower course Sanda (300 SEK/person) or the higher courses (500 SEK/person).