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Vi laddar inför säsongen 2024 och söker personal till stans roligaste arbetsplats.

Guide / instructor

Vi söker fler medarbetare inom höghöjdsbana, teambuilding och vildmark.

The job includes instructing and guiding groups on high rope courses, team building, and wilderness excercises. Depending on your experience you can work with specific fields or all three activities. We have different levels of instructor capabilities with grant authority to work with different types of groups as one is educated.

Knowledge requirements
Experience in leading groups. You enjoy working outdoors, no matter the weather, is safety-minded, positive, calm, and responsible.
For the high-altitude course, climbing experience or experience from working at heights is a requirement.
For teambuilding experience, or education in group dynamics is required.
Wilderness guides need experience or education in nature and outdoors living.
You can work at least one day per week, and is looking to work both weekdays or weekends.
You are atleas 21 years old.

Adventure pedagogics is a form of experience based learning, with elements of excitement and challenge, that along with reflection helps understanding of the group's and individuals behaviour. Education is held by accompanying an experienced guide (assisting) as well as different educations.

Working hours
Äventyrsbanan is open year round, every day, with high season during April-October. The job is not full time, but rather hourly based. During the high season you can work intensively, depending on how much you would like to work, 3-4 days per week, full or part time. We would like you to:
-work at least once a week
- Are avalible to work on weekends
-can work during the full high season, may-october

Instructor high rope course summer and weekends

We are looking for staff for weekends and summer

I jobbet ingår att instruera och guida våra grupper på höghöjdsbanor

Knowledge requirements
You have climbing experience or similar interests, as well as experience leading groups. You enjoy working outdoors no matter the weather, is safety-minded, positive, calm and responsible. You are atleast 17 years of age.

You can work during school breaks as well as sundays

Utbildningen pågår under delar av påsklovet med start den 1 april 2024.

Working hours
Äventyrsbanan is open all year round, every day. This employment applies to our bookings (private individuals) on weekends and school holidays.

For you who'd like to there are opportunities to further educate yourself to work with corporate clients on weekdays.

Ansökan skickas till märk ansökna med ”sommar” eller ”guide” Senast den 2024-03-15