Things to consider prior to your visit

General information


  • Respektera starttiden genom att vara ombytta och klara att börja på utsatt tid. Er guide kommer och möter er utanför Lillhuset vid Äventyrsbanans entré.


  • Oömma kläder (ej kortbyxor) med bekväma skor.  Vi rekommenderar också att ni använder handskar. Ett par tunna arbetshandskar funkar bra, går att köpa på plats för 35 kr.
  • Vi arbetar i (nästan) alla väder så var förberedd med regnkläder eller varma kläder vid dåligt/kallt väder.
  • För dig som behöver byta om så har vi ett mindre förvaringsrum med två bås för ombyte.
  • We have a storage room for bags and other personal belongings. There are also small lockers if you want to take extra care of your valuables.
  • Vi tillhandahåller utrustningen ni behöver.


  • Toaletter finns på baksidan av Lillhuset vid Äventyrsbanans entré. Dusch saknas däremot.


  • Ta gärna med något att dricka, vi har inte rinnande vatten eller någon fikaförsäljning.


  • Photographs that may be taken during your activities may be used for our marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed, just let us know.

Säkerhetsregler höghöjdsbana

  • All participants must take part in the safety briefing with your guide before entering the course.
  • Take your personal health into consideration. If you have any temporary or permanent health issues or if you are pregnant you have to make the decision yourself if you are able to participate.
  • Alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden, which goes for both participants as well as specators, before and during your activity.
  • You are not allowed to smoke or be close to any fires while wearing your safety equipment.
  • Jewelry that can get caught (rings, necklaces, ear rings and watches) should be removed. Long hair should be tied up in a knot. If you are wearing glasses, pay extra attention to them so you don’t loose them from up on the course.
  • When you are finished and back on the ground, please put the equipment back where you took it.
  • If you deliberately destroy, lose or act recklessly with the equipment you will be forced to pay for its replacement.
  • If you don’t follow our safety guidelines the guide can prohibit you from entering the high ropes courses.


  • Sanda: Participants over 140 cm can do the course independently. Shorter people (lower limit 110 cm/7 years) can do the course accompanied by an adult.
  • The Long Zipline 140 cm/40 kg. Maxvikt 100 kg. Deltagare från 14 år kan åka självständigt. Yngre deltagare som uppfyller villkoren 140 cm/40 kg måste åtföljas av vuxen.
  • Vreta: 150 cm/15 år. Maxvikt 100 kg. Barn från 13 år kan gå i sällskap med vuxen.
  • Mellanber, Högmora, Snörom and The Fast Zipline: 150 cm/15 years. Maximum weight 115 kg. Children from 13 years of age can do the courses accompanied by an adult.

All our activities are done with professional safety equipment a trained instructors. Our facilities adhere to the highest European safety standard our courses are inspected several times yearly.

Food and grill

If you want to have a picknick after your activity there are several cozy spots to choose from. If you wnat to have a barbecue we have several fire pits. You can get firewood from us, if you want to use charcoal you will need to bring your own.
Larger groups (more than 10 people) can book a meal from our wilderness chef.

Overnight stay and sauna

  • It takes approximately 15 minutes to walk out to the Lakeside Camp and the sauna, from Äventyrsbanan. The path crosses over some rugged terrain along Lake Sandasjön.
  • We recommend that you pack the things you need in a backpack to facilitate the hike.
  • Bring warm clothes, you will be outdoors at all times.
  • We recommend that you bring a torch or headlamp for the walk back to the parking if it gets dark before you leave.
  • Always leave the place as clean and proper as possible, just the way you would like to find it.
  • Lock the sauna and toilet before you leave and put the key in its designated place.

Städavgift om 1 000 kr/timme tillkommer om ni inte skött städningen. Om något förstörs blir ni ersättningsskyldiga.


The small parking outside our entrance fits a MAXIMUM OF 18 CARSIf this parking is full you have to use the large parking 200 meters to the west along Ältavägen, towards Sickla. Vi are not responsible for wrongly parked cars nor for valuables left in cars.

Detailed directions and contact information


When your booking is finalized you will get a confirmation sent to your e-mail address.
Payment is due no later than 7 days after your booking is confirmed (immediately if there is less than 7 days to your activity).

When you place your booking you can add a cancel/change insurance. With this insurance you can:

On our Open Slots you can reschedule your booking until 7 hours before your starting time. If you need to make changes you can do it yourself online. There is a link in your confirmation to make changes.
For group bookings you can reschedule your booking up until 7 days prior to your visit and cancel up until 14 days prior. If you need to make changes or cancel, contact us and we will help you.
If you cancel due to medical issues you will get a full refund if you can present a doctor's certificate.

Thunder or storm can make the high rope activities unsafe and under those circumstances we may be forced to close.
The call whether the activity is safe or not is made by our staff. If we need to cancel your booking we will contact you to reschedule or cancel your activity.