Things to consider prior to your visit

General information

  • Be ready to start on time, your guide will come and meet you outside the little cottage ”Lillhuset” at the entrance to Äventyrsbanan. Toilets are found on the backside of "Lillhuset".
  • What to wear: Clothes suitable for outdoor activities and comfortable shoes. A pair of thin working gloves might be nice to have.
  • We work in all weather conditions, so be prepared with waterproofs if needed.
  • Clothes to move in and it should also be possible to put a climbing harness on top.
  • Bring a bottle of water if you need. We do not have any drinking water on site.
  • If you need to change clothes, there are two small booths in one of our buildings. There is no shower though.
  • We have a storage room for bags and other personal belongings. There are also small lockers should if you want to take extra care of your valuables.
  • Photographs that may be taken during your activities may be used for our marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed, just let us know.

High rope courses

  • All participants must take part in the safety briefing with your guide before entering the course.
  • Take your personal health into consideration. If you have any temporary or permanent health issues or if you are pregnant you have to make the decision yourself if you are able to participate.
  • Alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden, which goes for both participants as well as specators, before and during your activity.
  • You are not allowed to smoke or be close to any fires while wearing your safety equipment.
  • Jewelry that can get caught (rings, necklaces, ear rings and watches) should be removed. Long hair should be tied up in a knot. If you are wearing glasses, pay extra attention to them so you don’t loose them from up on the course.
  • When you are finished and back on the ground, please put the equipment back where you took it.
  • If you deliberately destroy, lose or act recklessly with the equipment you will be forced to pay for its replacement.
  • If you don’t follow our safety guidelines the guide can prohibit you from entering the high ropes courses.
  • Längd- viktgränser: 150 cm / 115 kg. Vreta och Långa Ziplinan 100 kg.

All our activities are done with professional safety equipment a trained instructors. Our facilities adhere to the highest European safety standard our courses are inspected several times yearly.


  • See General information at the top.

Dinner, sauna and overnight stay in the Lakeside Camp

  • It takes approximately 15 minutes to walk out to the Lakeside Camp and the sauna, from Äventyrsbanan. The path crosses over some rugged terrain along Lake Sandasjön.
  • We recommend that you pack the things you need in a backpack to facilitate the hike.
  • Ta med handduk och badkläder då ni bokat bastun.
  • Bring warm clothes, you will be outdoors at all times.
  • We recommend that you bring a torch or headlamp for the walk back to the parking if it gets dark before you leave.


There are two parking possibilities for our visitors. One large public parking where you need to pay, 200 meters from our entrance.
Den lilla parkeringen närmast Äventyrsbanan delas med andra aktörer och andra gäster till Äventyrsbanan. Max 18 bilar kan stå på denna parkering så har ni flera bilar får ni ställa ett fåtal på lilla parkeringen och resten på stora parkeringen, vänligen repektera detta och visa hänsyn så blir alla glada!
Vi ansvarar inte för felparkerade bilar eller för värdesaker som förvaras i bilen.

Detailed directions and contact information

Boknings- och betalningsvillkor

Avbokningar och ändringar

  • Avbokning och ändring kan göras utan kostnad senast 14 dagar innan ert besök.
  • Skulle ni göra en senare avbokning eller om ni uteblir debiteras ni fullt pris.


Betalning sker mot faktura med 30 dagars betalningsvillkor. Fakturering skickas som pdf via mail efter genomförd aktivitet.

Vänligen skicka oss er fakturaadress. Dessa uppgifter behöver vi innan ert besök.

  • Företagets fullständiga namn
  • E-postadress dit fakturan skickas
  • Eventuella referensnummer eller referens
  • Postnummer och ort

För E-faktura: GLN-nummer, fullständigt företagsnamn samt referensnummer

OBS! Vi skickar inte pappersfakturor, e-postadress behövs!