Wilderness sauna
The idea of the sauna is to keep it simple in a harmony with nature. The sauna has an anteroom, two dressing cabins and a firewood store. The rooms are not insulated. Holkentoa is 50 meters from the sauna, there is no shower. A Finnish sauna tradition is that you pour a scoop of water over yourself, mixing from the sauna's water tank to the right temperature.

The hike
From Äventyrsbanan it´s about 1 km of hilly forest hike to the sauna. In one place we have attached a rope to hold on to, so we recommend you use backpacks. What you carry in, you need to carry out, including your garbage! If you want to walk an easier path, choose the longer way around, see map.

There is lighting in the anteroom and changing cabins, as well as lamps on the outside. The electricity comes from solar cells, use sparingly! To find the hike at night, the path is marked with reflectors that are visible when you shine on them, bring flashlights preferably headlights, also applies when you go home.

Before your booked time, you will receive an email with the code for the key box located at the entrance to the Äventyrsbanan. You will also get instructions for your stay. You are obliged to follow and read.
If you have a package booking (with activity) the guide will follow you to the sauna.

Start the fire
if you are the first out, you may need to start the sauna, it takes about 50 minutes to get it hot. If you want to pick up the key earlier, please contact us. There is plenty of wood in the sauna and what is needed to light it. Make sure there is water in the stove's container.
If you have a package booking the sauna will be warm when you arrive.

The barbecue area
Barbecue area can be used during your booked sauna time. Firewood, grill grates, murika are available in the firewood storage. If you prefer coal, it is also available.
The barrel for ashes is only for ashes, you take your rubbish home! If there is a fire ban, bbq is not allowed.

Sandasjön is in Nacka's water protection area. The water is filtered through a sand ridge that gives the clean lovely wate. There are high requirements to protect the lake and its surroundings. Do not leave any litter on the ground, including cigarette butts and snuff, and do not add anything unnatural to the lake. There is a jetty but the lake is shallow so not dive or jump in to the water. In winter we keep a wake open.
There is a jetty but the lake is shallow so not dive or jump in to the water. In winter we keep a wake open.

The place is inaccessible so be extra careful not to hurt yourself.
For safety reasons, candles or kerosene lamps may not be used in the sauna. It is also not allowed to smoke indoors
First aid and fire extinguishers are available.

The sauna should be cleaned and ready when your time is up and the next group arrives. Bring out your garbage, waste bins is found at Äventyrsbanan. A fee of SEK 1 000/hour will be charged if you have not taken care of cleaning. You will be liable for compensation if something is destroyed.
Ta med era  sopor.
A fee of SEK 1 000/hour will be charged if you have not taken care of cleaning. You will be liable for compensation if something is destroyed.

When you leave
Put back what you have taken out and lock all the doors. Key needs to be returned.


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