Bachelor party in Stockholm

Challenge yourselves together on our high rope courses or bond the gang together with a team-building program on the Ground Track or Uppdrag Vildmark. Regardless, it will be a fun bachelor party, which everyone is sure to remember.The adventure track is only 15 minutes from Slussen, so it's quick and easy to get there. If you want to give the groom your own surprise, the Fast Zipline provides an extra adrenaline rush.

The stag package includes a wood-fired sauna. At the sauna, you can also have a barbecue or picnic, a perfect ending for those of you who want to enjoy the tranquility of Stockholm's most beautiful forests.
The sauna is located next to Lake Sandasjön and can be reached with a 15-minute walk from the parkinglot. Total time for the package is about 5 hours. If you want the ultimate bonding experience, stay overnight in the tipi tent hut.

If you want to book the sauna, zipline, teambuilding or the Lakeside Camp contact us (links below) and we will help you with your booking. If you want to book a high rope course ony you can book online by clicking the link below.

Alcohol at the Äventyrsbana
We have zero tolerance for alcohol during all our activities. After the activity, drinking is permitted under calm and sane conditions at our barbecue areas.

Saturdays are very popular, book in time!

priser höghöjdsbana

Only high rope course  about 2 hours
1-6 people: 3 000 SEK
7-10 persons: 4900 kr
11-15 people: 5 900 SEK

Bachelor Party Package total time approx 5 hours
(high rope course, high speed zip line for the bride and sauna)
1-6 people: 5 000 SEK
7-10 persons: 6 900 kr
11-15 people: 7 900 SEK

Booking request

Ground track or Long zipline about 1 hour
Up to 15 people: 4 000 SEK
Do both! A great plan in about 2 hours: 6000 SEK

Mission: Wilderness 6 000 kr (2 hours)

Add The Fast Zipline for the groom: +500 SEK
Add sauna: + SEK 2000

Maila oss för bokning av Markbana/ziplina el Uppdrag Vildmark

Read our terms for participation before your visit. Please note that alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden, which goes for both participants as well as spectators, before and during your activity.

Här hittar du våra booking terms.