Teambuilding in Stockholm

These programs are held on the ground, which makes them suited for anybody! Or as a perfect combination with high rope courses. You'll get to know each other, and most important - have fun together!
Vill ni äta något gott så får ni en oförglömlig – och klimatsmart – matupplevelse tack vare vår vildmarkskock. Behöver ni hjälp med övernattning så ordnar vi det. Ni kan bo hos oss och få en härlig vildmarksövernattning, eller så hjälper vi er att boka ett hotell i närheten.


Är ni inne i en utvecklingsprocess och vill ni lära er mer om hur er grupp fungerar tillsammans? Vi har många års erfarenhet på området och kan skräddarsy ett program där vi kombinerar praktiska övningar med reflektion och diskussion kring gruppens sätt att samarbeta och hur det kan bli bättre. Passar perfekt för er som vill gå mer på djupet i er gemensamma utveckling.


The team mission

A program that challenges your brain and cooperation skills instead of the body. We start with an icebreaker excercise that is then followed by three tricky tasks where your ideas and capability for listening to each other is required to succeed. The basic program is 2 hours long.

Teambuilding (get-to-know)

Perfect for kick-offs, newly formed groups and for those that work in split locations and wish to bring the group together. Shorter and fun excercises that quickly gets participants to open up to each other and strengthens the feeling of "us". We can receive small or large groups, up to 200 people. You are split into groups of 15 people. About 2 hours.

The Ground Course

A balancing course that requires good teamwork. The course consists of eight interlocking wires, that you'll try to advance on together. It's hard to explain how fun walking on wires is but its guarantee to get everyone involved in trying to reach the goal. A fantastic team building excercise that fits most groups with somewhat good physique!

Mission: wilderness

A fun and exciting experience with an outdoor theme. The first challenge is to agree on how to solve the mission, all together, in smaller groups or individually? Make your decision quickly, you will then have 1,5 hours to complete as many challenges as possible. After the activity you will get suggestions on how to solve/improve them, great for future outdoor experiences.

Communal cooking

Cooking food together equals community. Together with the wilderness cook you'll cook a gourmet meal right over the open fire. An unique and memorable experience. Choose if you'd like to be at the lake camp, where you can supplement with sauna, or in the forest camp which is closer to communications to downtown Stockholm.

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