Teambuilding in Stockholm

Strengthen your group in a prestige-less way with well thought out teambuilding excercises. These programs are held on the ground, which makes them suited for anybody! You will get to know yourself and each other, and most important - have fun together!
If you want to eat something good, you will have an unforgettable - and climate-smart - dining experience thanks to our wilderness chef. If you need help with overnight accommodation, we will arrange it. You can stay with us and have a wonderful overnight stay in the wilderness, or we can help you book a hotel nearby.

Group Development

Are you in a developing process and want to learn more about how your group is working together? We have many years of experience and can tailor make a program for you, where we combine practical exercies and reflective parts, with discussions about the group's way of cooperating and how to progress. This program is perfect if you want to dig deeper in your common development.

The team mission

Various stations and tasks in the forest. We start with some social warm up exercises followed by three clever, immersive and varied collaborative exercises. The group's teamwork is clearly put to the test. We brief and highlight what goes well and change what goes less well. The exercises are not physically challenging.


Perfect for kick-offs, newly formed groups and for those that work in split locations and wish to bring the group together. Shorter and fun excercises that quickly gets participants to open up to each other and strengthens the feeling of "us". We can receive small or large groups, up to 200 people. You are split into groups of 15 people. About 2 hours.

The Ground Course

A balancing course that requires good teamwork. The course consists of eight interlocking wires, that you'll try to advance on together. It's hard to explain how fun walking on wires is but its guarantee to get everyone involved in trying to reach the goal. A fantastic team building excercise that fits most groups with somewhat good physique!

Wilderness activites

Mission: wilderness

Föreställer er att ni är ute och campar i vildmarken och de utmaningar som finns. Hur gör man eld om tändstickorna är blöta och vad kan man äta om maten tar slu? Och var kan man sova torrt och skönt?  Behöver ni hjälp så ger er vildmarksguide råd, tips som ni även kommer att ha nytta av framöver. Vi håller till i finaste av skogar runt Sandasjön!

Tid ca 2h.


Cooking together is great for teambuilding, if you do it outdoors, it also becomes a natural experience. Together with the wilderness chef, you will learn to cook gourmet food over fire. A unique and memorable experience! Choose whether you want to be in the Sjölägret, where you can supplement with a sauna, or in the Forest camp, which is closer to communications.


Learn the basics of outdoor cooking and why you need a camping stove at home for emergencies. We start with a short hike with the ingredients packed in backpacks and together we cook a three-course meal and enjoy our good food together.

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