Höghöjdsbanor i Stockholm för företag

Challenging yourselves in a group with other people strengthens the group. Or like a leader once said: "By being afraid we came very close to one another.
When visiting our high rope courses you will be joined by our experienced guides and they will give you advice when and if necessary. Choose the course/courses that best suit your group. If you find it hard to choose, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you out. Up to 15 people can be on the same course together, if you are a larger group we will have several courses available. We can accomodate up to 100 guests.

All our activities are done with professional safety equipment a trained instructors. Our facilities adhere to the highest European safety standard our courses are inspected several times yearly.

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Difficulty: Green/Blue (easy/fairly easy)
Height: 1-8 meters
Number of challenges: 27
Terms for participation: Maximum weight 115 kg, minimum height 140 cm

Sanda consists of two courses, Short and Long Sanda. They are perfect for participants who are uncomfortable with heights. You will start close to the ground and work your way upwards. You can easily come down with the help of the guide, should you find it too difficult or scary.


Difficulty: Read (medium difficult)
Height: 5-11 meters
Number of challenges: 14
Terms for participation: Maximum weight 115 kg, minimum height 150 cm

A medium difficult course with a mellow start, which makes it possible to adjust your senses to the height. After that the course consists of three consecutive loops, where it's easy to decide how much of the course you want to do. The course ends with a fun zipline. This course is immensely popular, and for good reason!


Difficulty: Read (medium difficult)
Height: 1-13 meters
Number of challenges: 10 including the Long Zipline
Height and weight requirements: Maximum weight 100 kg, minimum height 150 cm

Vår nyaste bana, som inkluderar Långa Ziplinan. Ger totalt 10 utmaningar mellan träden med sammanlagt 450 meter åkning på ziplina. En rolig utmaning på upp till 13 meters höjd. En given klassiker!


Difficulty: Black (difficult)
Höjd: 15-18 meter
Number of challenges: 12
Terms for participation: Maximum weight 115 kg, minimum height 150 cm

Starts with climbing up a tree to the first platform 16 meters up. The course ends with an exhilirating tep into the void. Thi course suits people who want a high level of challenge and who are reasonably fit.

äventyrsbana i stockholm


Difficulty: Black+ (extremely difficult)
Height: 15-18 meters
Number of challenges: 7, with the fat zipline as a bonus!
Terms for participation: Maximum weight 115 kg, minimum height 150 cm

This course has seven challenges and ends with The Fast Zipline. It's shorter than the other courses, but it's both mentally and physically challenging. A tough course with speed filled ending.

The Long Zipline

Length: 200 + 150 meters
Starting height: 12 meters
Speed: Approx. 30 km/h
Terms for participation: Maximum weight 100 kg

A separate activity that offers two long ziplines, one after the other. The challenge starts by climbing up to the starting platform. Then you will slide away along the wire and land on a platform 200 meters away. From there another 150 meter zipline takes to back to the ground. A both fun and exposed activity.

You can book The Long Zipline as a separate activity or as an add-on to one of our high rope courses.

The Fast Zipline

Length: 100 meters
Starting height: 16 meters
Speed: Approx. 45 km/h
Terms for participation: Maximum weight 115 kg, minimum height 150 cm

Stockholms snabbaste ziplina! Den första utmaningen är att ta sig upp till plattformen, då du klättrar upp längs trädstammen. Väl på plattformen är det dags att koppla på handtaget och snart flyger du fram genom skogen i en hastighet på uppemot 45 km/h.

The Ground Course

A balancing course that requires good teamwork. The course consists of eight interlocking wires, that you'll try to advance on together. It's hard to explain how fun walking on wires is but its guarantee to get everyone involved in trying to reach the goal. A fantastic team building excercise that fits most groups with somewhat good physique!

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