Team activities for kids and youth

Team youth, an exciting team building program with a wilderness theme! Through tricky and fun excercies on the ground the students are taught about nature, outdoors living, and each other. Suitable for years 3-7 and combines well with the Sanda high rope course.

Team building for older students is designed for students from year 8 up to and including gymnasium. Here the high rope courses are combined with ground activities, where the group get to develop their cooperation and creativity. Focus is mostly on the physical tasks at hand, but communal reflection on how the group did is included aswell. You can of course adjust the program for specific needs or wishes amongst the group.

If the students have newly met, we recommend the Get-to-know program

If you'd like even more from the experience, and an unforgettable experience in the wilderness, we recommend our camp school with overnighting in our tent hut, accompanied by our wilderness guide.

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