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teambuilding & wilderness for schools 

Take your children/young people on a fun and educational outdoor activity! The team guiding and wilderness programs are held on the ground and get participants to help each other solve different tasks. The programs can be booked separately or in combination. It is also possible to book a lunch and an overnight stay in the wilderness for a complete experience in nature!
Ready-made programs with prices can be found as a pdf here. Activities for schools.



Our teambuilding programs challenge the group at ground level and get participants to help solve tasks, while opening up to each other. We have several programs to suit different grades. Practicing teamwork may not be everyone's greatest desire, but we offer fun challenges that trigger inner motivation; our motto is to do as well as possible because you want to, not to get high grades.
The program's age division is an approximate recommendation, but everyone is different so it is based on the group's maturity level! Older young people, from about 17 years old can usually do our team building programs for companies.
We also customize teambuilding for other needs and groups' conditions.
Teambuilding fits perfectly with a high rope course.


Ideal for kickoffs, newly formed groups, and teams working across different locations seeking to strengthen bonds. Short and fun exercises that quickly foster openness among participants and enhance team spirit. We can accommodate both large and small groups, up to 200 people, divided into teams of 15 individuals. Duration approximately 2 hours.


  • Newly formed groups 
  • Large and dispersed workplaces
  • Joyful corporate events

Kamratbanan ("The buddy course")

On the Kamratbanan, the activities are built just above the ground and the group has to make their way without touching the ground on various challenges such as walking on a log, riding the cable car, swinging on a vine and walking on "ice floats". Unlike the high rope course, participants need to help each other to move forward.


  • Children between 10-13 years old
  • Combination with high rope course
  • Practice in cooperation


barn som ska svinga sig i lian

MARKBANAN ("The ground course")

An Äventyrsbanan favorite! Think slackline, but you do it together, and it requires the ability to work together. The course consists of eight interconnected wires, on which you must try to move forward together. It is difficult to explain the joy of balancing on wires, but everyone is completely absorbed in trying to reach the goal. In short, a fantastic team building activity that suits most groups with a reasonably good physique!


  • Sports teams and young people aged 16 and over
  • Close-knit groups looking for a difficult challenge
  • For participants with good physical condition


With the forest and nature in focus! In the beautiful forest next to Sandasjön, we have exciting challenges on the theme of outdoor life.
The programs are adapted to suit different age groups, it can be about making a fire, cooking on a storm kitchen and testing the group's ability to solve different tasks together.
and testing the group's ability to solve various tasks together. The wilderness programs fit perfectly with the high rope course as a full or half-day program.


Exciting challenges with an outdoor theme. Young people can use their creativity and imagination to solve the tasks. We then go through the answers and solutions and show methods and tricks that are both useful and create interest in outdoor life and nature.


  • Young people from 13 years old who want to experience the forest
  • As an outdoor education lesson and outdoor day
  • Fresh air and nature


Exciting forest tour with different tasks on the theme of outdoor life. Participants get to light a fire with kindling, build their own compass and learn to navigate in the forest, build cairns and look for animal tracks. Students experience the grandeur of the forest, which increases their interest in outdoor life and spending time in nature.


  • Children between 10-13 years old
  • As an outdoor education lesson and as an outdoor day
  • Together with the Sanda high rope course
tre flickor gör eld

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