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High rope courses, Stockholm's best adventure!


At Tenntorp, near Älta and 15 minutes from Stockholm, you will find our high rope courses. With love and creativity, we have over the past 20 years built and developed courses for maximum fun. They are ingeniously constructed with both tricky and physical elements to suit different levels.The names of the courses are taken from nice places around the Erstavik reserve, take the opportunity to take a walk! All our activities are carried out with professional safety equipment and well-trained guides. The facility meets the highest European safety standards and is inspected several times a year.Choose whether you want to make a group booking or come when it is open to the public on an open departure.


For group bookings, you choose the course that best suits your group. This uses a traditional safety system that provides more challenge, the guide is with you up in the trees.
Group booking is perfect for groups who want a more exclusive experience.

Mini group, up to 6 pers  3 000 kr 
7-10 pers  4 900 kr
11-15 pers 5 900 kr
16-20 pers 7 000kr


  • You who want to be alone with your gang
  • When celebrating someone and for larger parties
  • Want professional coaching
  • Open every day

Open Departures

The activity is done together with other visitors at special times on Sundays and school holidays. You choose high or low courses when booking.

Low courses. For those who want a milder challenge and have children between 7-12 years, Sanda is suitable, which is two green/blue courses with a total of 25 steps and 5 ziplines in the course.
High courses are suitable for those who want the highest challenge and have some experience. 2 red and 1 black course including the long zipline are included.

Low courses, 280 kr per person, 2 hours
High courses, 480 kr per person, 3 hours


  • Singles, Couples, Families
  • Want to do the activity with others
  • Open Sundays and school holidays starting the 1 of april

High rope course


Difficulty: Green/blue (easy/moderately easy)
Height: 1-8 meters
Number of challenges: 27
Conditions for participation: Maximum weight 115kg. Minimum 140cm
(ca 110 cm accompanied by adults)
Age: Children from 6-7 years old can manage the course with adult help.
Children over 10 years old usually manage the course on their own, but we are all different, so choose according to the individual.
Sanda is also suitable for adults!

Two great courses in one with many tricky challenges/obstacles and a total of five ziplines. Korta Sanda is a green course with 5 challenges and a zipline that takes you down to the ground.
Long Sanda has 21 (!) activities with 4 different ziplines, it is possible to choose a shorter variant if you can't manage the whole course. Sanda starts close to the ground and gets progressively higher and more difficult, until you are 8 meters up! Sanda is suitable for adults, children and young people.

The name Sanda comes from the spring with its fresh water, which is stored and purified inside the pebble ridge that runs alongside Sandasjön. Tip; Walk there after your challenge, only 350 meters away.

Pojke på höghöjdsbanans aktivitet reptaget

High rope course


Difficulty: Red (intermediate)
Height: 5-11 meters
Number of challenges: 14
Conditions for participation: Maximum weight 115 kg, minimum height 150 cm
Age: From 15 years (from 13 years old with adult company)

Mellanberg starts comfortably up a staircase and then out onto a suspension bridge, allowing you to get used to the height before it gets tougher. Built in three different loops so you can customize how much you want to do. Ends with a fun zipline down to the ground. A popular classic that suits most people!

High rope course


Difficulty: Red (intermediate)
Height: 1-13meters
Number of challenges: 10 (including long zipline)
Conditions for participation: Maximum weight 100 kg, minimum 150 cm height
Ålder: From 15 years (from 13 years old with adult company)

For those who love to ride zip lines. Vreta starts on the ground and quickly moves upwards with eight different challenging activities that take you up to a lofty 13 meters. This is the start of the Long Zipline which provides 350 meters of great riding! Once you've landed on the other side of the valley, you return to the next zipline, 100 meters.

man på reptaget höghöjdsbana

High rope course


Difficulty: Black (difficult)
Height: 15-18 meters
Number of challenges: 12
Conditions for participation: Maximum weight 115 kg, minimum 150 cm
Age: From 15 years (from 13 years old with adult company)

Physically challenging course that starts with a vertical climb up a tree to the first platform at a height of 16 meters. As popular as Mellanberg but higher and even tougher. You can also do a shorter version of this course if the challenge is too great. The course ends with a nerve-wracking climb straight into the air and a descent. Suitable for participants who are reasonably physically strong.

Kvinna håller i en romersk ring på höghöjdsbana

High rope course


Difficult: Black+ (extra difficult)
Height: 15-18 meters
Number of challenges: 7, plus the fast zip line as a´bonus!
Conditions for participation: Maximum weight 100 kg, minimum 150 cm
Age: From 15 years (from 13 years old with adult company)

This course has seven challenges and ends with the Fast Zipline. In other words, it is slightly shorter than Mellanberg and Högmora, but is both physically and mentally demanding. Suitable for those who want a real challenge. A tough course with a fast-paced finish and reward!


Our large zip lines are included in Snörom and Vreta, but they can also be ridden as standalone courses. Perfect for those who love the ride but prefer not to do a high ropes course. All you need to do is climb up to the starting point, and yes, it's high!


Length: 100 meters
Starting height: 16 meters
Speed: ca 45-50 km/h
Maximum weight: 100 kg
Age: rom 15 years (from 13 with adult company)

Length: 200 + 150 meters
Starting height: 12 meters
Speed: ca 30-40 km/h
Maximum weight: 100 kg – Minimum weight 40 kg
Age: 15 years (from 13 years with adult company)

It is popular to book the activity as an extra adrenaline rush for a particular participant in the group. Stockholm's fastest zipline! The first challenge is getting to the platform, as you climb up the tree trunk. Once on the platform, it's time to engage the handle and soon you're flying through the forest at a speed of up to 50 km/h. Snabba Ziplinan is included in Snörom but can be booked as a stand-alone activity.
It is popular to book as an extra activity for a special participant in the group, for example if you are celebrating someone!


A stand-alone activity that offers two long ziplines in succession. The challenge starts by climbing up to the starting platform. Then you whiz off along the wire and land on a platform 200 meters away. This is followed by a 150 meter ride. The long zipline is included in Vreta but can also be booked as a stand-alone activity.




Download map of the courses

tipikåta vid sandasjön i kvällssol
Activities with friends
Bachelorette party
Bride to be
Höghöjdsbanor privat AL
Möhippa/svensexa AL

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Activities with friends
Bachelorette party
Bride to be
Höghöjdsbanor privat AL
Möhippa/svensexa AL
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