The Trapeze

Äventyrsbanan’s definite mental challenge! Standing on an airy platform 18 meters up, you throw yourself out in hope of catching the trapeze. The fact that it is impossible to reach is something you realize as you fall towards the ground. The soft catch of the ropes puts the adrenaline rush at ease as you are brought back down to the ground.

It is popular to book the Trapeze as an extra activity for the whole group in combination with the Links or as an extra adrenaline rush for a specific person in the group.

Finish off your adventure with a relaxed experience in our wood-fired sauna by Lake Sandasjön.


You do not need to be physically fit to participate, but you do need to be able to climb up the tree (with the help of metal rings on the tree) to the platform. The maximum weight is 110 kg. People suffering from heart problems or high blood pressure are not recommended to take part.

The activities are held with professional safety equipment and guides.
Our facilities maintain the highest standard of safety within high ropes courses and are inspected regularly.


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